S3 Surveillance delivers an innovative approach to security ensuring fast police and security response to actual crimes. Our dedicated team of Virtual Patrol Officers (VPO) provides continuous asset protection 24/7/365. S3 Surveillance does not sell or install hardware, our strengths are focused on real-time monitoring and fast response times when issues occur.

Traditional CCTV and Video Surveillance Systems are becoming increasingly ineffective for victims and law enforcement. The “after the fact” review of crimes rarely results in criminal convictions and leaves the victim helpless. When a VPO witnesses criminal intent or suspicious activity they immediately dispatch law enforcement and security resources while delivering real-time intelligence to the responding officers.

Given budgetary constraints security guards traditionally patrol specific areas during scheduled hours. Depending on the situation this will leave you vulnerable for attack, not to mention criminals adapt to these patrol times. Our 24/7/365 approach ensures a secure environment for your investment while minimizing the financial burden of safeguarding your asset.

Aside from being effective, our VPO’s will significantly reduce the investment needed for a full-time guard. In fact, our VPO is more than 50% less than the hourly rate of a traditional dedicated security guard.

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