Special Police

S3 Special Police Officers are certified, sworn law enforcement officers with the same arrest powers as municipal and county police officers. S3 Special Police Officers enforce the law and provide the same services with territorial jurisdiction as do municipal law enforcement officers.

For example in North Carolina, S3 Special Police Officers successfully complete the 620-hour Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) which is comprised of 36 separate blocks of instruction to include Firearms, Driver Training, Arrest Search and Seizure, Defensive Tactics, Investigations, and First Aid. Once recruits successfully pass the BLET State Comprehensive Written Exam they are sworn as S3 Special Police Officers per North Carolina Statute 74E.

Once S3 Special Police Officers receive their commission they enter a 90 day Field Training Program (FTP). Officers entering FTP are paired with seasoned veterans, who on average have 5+ years of Law Enforcement experience, who train and mentor officers throughout their career. The FTP provides structured environment for officers to develop the skills, training, and experience necessary to protect and serve.

S3 Special Police maintain strict adherence to state and local regulations to ensure the agency and officers are operating in accordance with governing law. S3 Officers can work for any governmental entity however we cannot replace, augment, or act as a local police force. We are authorized to work on real property owned by or in possession and control of a government entity or private corporations. S3 Special Police help lessen the burden on local municipalities by safeguarding private property while protecting public interest. S3 Special Police services are available in North Carolina.

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