Mission Support

Safeguarding people, facilities and other valuable assets is a constant challenge for organizations operating in complex environments. S3 Special Police and Security provides comprehensive security solutions customized to meet our clients’ needs. We support clients ranging from local municipalities, security companies, all the way to multi-family housing complexes. We will support your mission.

Below is an example of our S.T.O.P Mission Support Program:

Strategic and Target Oriented Patrol (S.T.O.P)

S3 implemented a community based security solution to work in conjunction with local law enforcement and in-house security with a three step process to deter criminal activity and re-establish control of the environment.

Phase One: Control – During phase one our specially trained officers conduct strategic and tactical patrols to reclaim control of the environment.

Phase Two: Communication – After the community is clear of negative influences our officers communicate with the residents to provide education and build trust within the community.

Phase Three: Preserve – Provide continuous relationships with residents and property owners to ensure long-term community safety.

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